FM22 | Slovakia to lvl 4 by Tefal

fm22 database scaled

Tefal he made a big gesture for our community again, for which we thank him immensely on your behalf.

And also this year you do not miss your favorite bonus in the form of an expanded database version of playable Slovak leagues, in which we try to bring you the most realistic experience of playing Slovak leagues.

The database is fully compatible with the FM 22.2 update and contains more than 218,000 changes.

We focused again on the most authentic version possible, so no fantasy cups, exaggerated financial rewards, etc.


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How to add the database into FM22?

Paste the downloaded file into:

  • Win Vista/Win 7/Win 8: C:\Users\”username”\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\editor data\
  • Win 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\”username”\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\editor data\
  • Win 98/ME: C:\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\editor data\
  • Mac OS X: /Users/”username”/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/editor data/
  • Mac OS X Catalina: read here)
  • GAMEPASS/MICROSOFT STORE USERS: If you are using this version of the game then your User Data Location is in a slightly different folder, you’ll need to open the Football Manager folder for the year of the game you are using and inside this folder you’ll notice a Gamepass folder and this is the folder you need.

If you do not have a “data editor” folder, create one!

Of course, the changes will only take effect in the new game and you must also turn on the loading of this additional file!

You can also see how to add a database in our older video for the year FM21 (in slovak)

custom gfx


    • Nezamrzne. Tým, že databáza má cez 200 tisíc zmien, trvá to (v závislosti od výkonu počítača) niekoľko minút kým sa načíta celkovo. Na progress bare (čiže tej čiare na vrchu) to vyzerá ze stojí a nehýbe sa. Na mojom PC (Procesor i7-6700K a 32 GB RAM) to tiež trvá približne 10 min kým sa databáza načíta. Na starom PC to bolo aj pol hodiny

  1. Hey, got a problem with this database. After I start new game, play a little, save, exit and want to go back to the game by load a save it is not possible with a error that “game cannot be loaded”. I have a pretty good device, used a lot of leagues and have this problem only with this database. Can someone have same problem?

  2. Ahojte, máte niekto skúsenosti s hraním cez gamepass? Konkrétne s editorom? Neviete náhodou prečo ho neviem spustit a ako odstranit tento problém?

    Vopred ďakujem za odpoveď


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