For those who haven’t heard it yet.

Graphic additions (also made by us) are often the full or partial ownership of clubs or their owners. In recent days, exactly the scenario we highlighted at the end of last season, when the European Union directive on copyright in the digital single market came into force, took place.

Already at that time, we tried to start a discussion on how to continue our work further. Finally, we decided to take this risk and started creating graphics for the new season.

However, our misgivings have come true, and one of the most famous clubs in England has rightly claimed they right to their copyrighted content from the biggest fan page of Football Manager, where we have distributed our additions to the world community (their statement here).

Therefore, within the community, we decided to immediately suspend the creation of graphical additions and gradually withdraw all previously issued, for which we do not have permission from their owner or are protected by trademarks.

Of course, this is not the end. We are already working on an alternative solution to continue to provide you with what has made us famous over the years.

PS: if there is a lawyer in your range who can provide legal advice (ideally pro bono) with knowledge of copyright issues, we will be extremely pleased if you contact us.



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