macOS Catalina

Due to a change on Mac OSX with Catalina regarding permissions, Sports Interactive made a substantial change to how Mac FM documents are stored. Previously the files would automatically be generated in the Documents folder here:

Users/YOUR Mac USERNAME/Documents/Sports Interactive

Now the files will instead appear in the following location:

Users/YOUR Mac USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive

By default this folder is hidden, so to access you need to do as follows:

Open Finder
Click ‘Go’ from the menubar
Press and hold down the ‘Option’ (Alt) key
This will bring up the ‘Library’, click to enter then go to ‘Application Support’ -> ‘Sports Interactive’ -> ‘Football Manager 2020’

So if your graphic packs are not showing in FM20, make sure you move them to the proper folder:

Application Support -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2020 -> graphics


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