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In previous years Football Manager files were easy to find, but that has all changed with the Mac update of Catalina. How to find FM21 files on Mac now? That’s the question nowadays.

This security update has forced SI to make a major adjustment in how to find Football Manager 2021 tactics, graphics and shortlists on Mac. Thankfully the question; Where are Mac files on FM21 if easily answered and very quick fix.

1 – Go to your main screen on Mac and from the top tabs panel click ‘go’, you will not see the ‘library’ folder’.
2 – Now hold down the ‘alt’ or ‘options’ key. Tada! You should see the ‘library’ folder appear, while still holding, click it.
3 – Now click ‘application support
4 – Scroll down and click ‘sports interactive’ and then ‘Football Manager 2021
5 – That is how to find FM21 files on Mac

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