The boys from Sports Interactive recently revealed the first information about Football Manager 2021 . The full game should be released on November 24, and after announcing the first trailer with the game’s release date, they also launched pre-orders and have now begun to unveil new features.

SI has released a short video outlining some of the new features that the new game will include.

Find your targets

A new recruitment meeting with staff members (such as the DoF). They will inform you on what player contracts expire and they will inform you on the depth on a position or a role.

Bid for players

While buying players is not a new feature, they showed us a nice new tweak ‘Ask agent about availability’. A cheeky way maybeto find out if a player is interested and to go past a club .

Media Handling

A revamp to the media and press area (or so it seems). The video showed us a new display for a press conference with journalists showing in rows. Just like you would expect it at a real press conference. Will they now raise hands to ask you something?

Perfect your tactics

New ways to tweak your tactics. We have seen a screenshot with more advice.

Player interactions

Now you can ‘move’ as a manager or use a so called non-verbal communication. Your own body language seems to influence a player’s mentality.

XG added

The XG add (or Expected Goals) was introduced. This states the likelihood of a shot becoming a goal. A nice new statistic.

Improved 3D match engine

As always SI promises us a nice revamp to the 3D match engine. From the screenshots we could see, we saw a new scoreboard, but the video was too short to really see anything new.

New FM 2021 features preview:


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