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DF11 Faces provides the large authentic player portraits for Football Manager since 2010. The large faces, quality and style of DF11 faces do contribute to a even more realistic experience of the game. All DF11 downloads, such as the Megapack and Updates, are completely free – for personal use – in Football Manager.

Credits to the active contributors:

necjeff (author), Spurs12345, REBO, Bingbangboem, Haas67, Explodingsheep,
James, Seb Thompsson, Endang Any, Parloq, Caioba, Scout55, Roderu, Asket, Herthos, Pochi, Tobias M.

Prepare yourself for Football Manager 2020 with the new DF11 Megapack!

This DF11 mega facepack includes over 127,300 original large portrait faces covering at least 99 playable leagues in FM20 plus all previous versions of the game!

Download DF11 Megapack


Don’t forget to always download the monthly DF11 update packs to expand your Megapack with the most recent faces for players and staff.

Start with the new update Nr.1 (September 2019) and so on (Nr. 2, 3, 4, etc etc). You can use your DF11 Megapack for a ‘lifetime’ when updating it every month.

Read the information on the download page and follow the instructions that apply your DF11 Megapack.

Update Nr.1


Update Nr.2

df11 update3 november2019 ts1575204201

Update Nr.3

df11 update dec19 jan20 update4 ts1580510822

Update Nr.4

df11 update5 fm2020 ts1583021631

Update Nr.5

df11 update6 ts1585656122

Update Nr.6

df11 update7 fm2020 ts1588266022

Update Nr.7

df11 update8 ts1590954439

Update Nr.8

Update Nr.9

Update Nr.10


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