FC’12 Season 2022/23

Here you can find all the FC’12 kits that are made by our allstar kitmakers team for the Football Manager 2023 official football season 2022/23.

Nation League Status Link
ALL AFC Nations 29.01.2023 View
ALL CAF Nations 27.11.2022 View
ALL CONMEBOL Nations 22.01.2023 View
ALL OFC Nations 04.12.2022 View
ALL UEFA Nations 22.01.2023 View
AND Primera Divisió View
AND Segona Divisió View
ARG Primera Division [2022] View
ARG Primera Nacional [2022] View
AUT Admiral Bundesliga View
AUT Admiral 2. Liga View
BLR Vysshaya Liga [2022] View
BLR Pershaya Liga [2022] View
BEL Pro League 15.01.2023 View
BOL Primera División View
BRA Serie A [2022] View
BRA Serie B [2022] View
BRA Serie C [2022] View
BRA Serie D [2022] View
BUL efbet Liga 08.01.2023 View
BUL vtora Liga 11.12.2022 View
BUL treta Liga View
CAN League1 British Columbia [2022] View
CAN League1 Ontario [2022] View
CAN Premiere ligue de soccer du Quebec [2022] View
CHI Primera Division [2022] 20.06.2022 View
CHI Primera B [2022] View
CHN Super League [2022] View
COL Liga BetPlay [2022] View
COL Primera B Liga Dimayor [2022] View
CRO 1 HNL 13.11.2022 View
CRO 2 HNL View
CYP Cyta Championship View
CZE Fortuna Liga View
CZE Narodni Liga View
DEN Superliga 04.12.2022 View
DEN Nordicbet liga 04.12.2022 View
DEN 2. Division View
DEN 3. Division View
DEN Danmarksserien View
DEN Lower league clubs View
ECU Liga Pro A [2022] View
ECU Liga Pro B [2022] View
ENG Premier League 15.01.2023 View
ENG Championship 30.10.2022 View
ENG League One 13.11.2022 View
ENG League Two 13.11.2022 View
ENG National League 10.12.2022 View
ENG National League North View
ENG National League South 04.12.2022 View
ENG Isthmian League Premier Division 20.11.2022 View
ENG Northern League – Premier Division 10.12.2022 View
ENG Southern Football League – Central View
ENG Southern Football League – South 31.12.2022 View
ENG Southern Premier Division One Central View
ENG Isthmian League South East Division View
ENG Southern Premier Division One South 20.12.2022 View
ENG Isthmian League – North View
ENG Northern Premier League Division One – East View
EST Meistriliiga [2022] 06.11.2022 View
EST Esilliga [2022] View
EST Esilliga B [2022] View
EST II Liiga [2022] View
FRO Betri Deildin [2022] View
FRO 1. Deild [2022] View
FIN Veikkausliiga [2022] View
FIN Ykkönen [2022] View
FIN Kakkonen [2022] View
FRA Ligue 1 29.01.2023 View
FRA Ligue 2 13.11.2022 View
FRA Championnat National 04.12.2022 View
FRA Championnat National 2 View
GEO Erovnuli Liga [2022] 04.12.2022 View
GEO Crystalbet National League 2 [2022] View
GEO Liga 3 [2022] View
GEO Liga 4 [2022] View
GER Bundesliga 22.01.2023 View
GER 2. Bundesliga View
GER 3. Liga View
GER Regionalliga View
GRE Super League 10.12.2022 View
HUN OTP Bank Liga 13.11.2022 View
HUN MerkantilBank Liga 23.10.2022 View
HUN Nemzeti Bajnokság III View
ISL Besta Deildin [2022] View
ISL Lengjudeild Karla [2022] View
IDN BRI Liga 1 View
IRL Premier Division [2022] View
IRL League of Ireland First Division [2022] 02.05.2022 View
ITA Serie A 10.12.2022 View
ITA Serie B 04.12.2022 View
ITA Serie C View
JPN J1 League [2023] View
JPN J1 League [2022] View
JPN J2 League [2022] View
KAZ Premier League [2022] 23.10.2022 View
KAZ First League [2022] View
KAZ Second League [2022] View
KVX Albi Mall Superliga View
LAT Virsliga [2022] 25.12.2022 View
LAT Pirma Liga [2022] View
LIE Liechtensteiner Cup View
LTU A-lyga [2022] 22.01.2023 View
LTU I-lyga [2022] View
LTU II-lyga [2022] View
LUX National Division View
MYS Liga Super [2022] 30.10.2022 View
MYS Liga Premier [2022] 04.09.2022 View
MYS Liga M3 [2022] 23.10.2022 View
MLA BOV Premier League View
MEX Liga MX View
MDA Super Liga View
MNE Meridian Bet 1. CFL View
MNE 2. CFL View
NED Eredivisie 22.01.2023 View
NED Eerste divisie 26.11.2022 View
NED Tweede Divisie View
NED Derde Divisie View
NZL National League [2022] View
NZL 2. Central League [2022] View
NZL 2. Northern League [2022] View
NZL 2. Southern League [2022] View
MKD Prva Liga View
MKD Vtora Liga View
NIR Danske Bank Premiership View
NIR NIFL Championship View
NOR Eliteserien [2022] 28.08.2022 View
NOR OBOS-ligaen [2022] 15.10.2022 View
NOR PostNord-ligaen [2022] 15.10.2022 View
PAR División Profesional [2022] View
PAR División Intermedia [2022] View
PER Liga 1 View
PER Liga 2 View
POL Ekstraklasa View
POL 1. Liga 02.10.2022 View
POR 1. Liga Bwin 21.11.2022 View
POR Liga Portugal SABSEG 10.12.2022 View
POR Liga 3 View
POR Campeonato de Portugal 31.12.2022 View
ROM Liga 1 22.01.2023 View
ROM Liga II 18.12.2022 View
RUS Premier League View
SMR Campionato Dilettanti Sammarinese View
SCO Premiership 22.01.2023 View
SCO Championship 29.01.2023 View
SCO Cinch League One 08.01.2023 View
SCO Cinch League Two 08.01.2023 View
SCO Highland Football League 08.01.2023 View
SCO Lowland Football League 08.01.2023 View
SCO East of Scotland Football League Premier Division View
SCO Midlands Football League View
SCO North Caledonian League View
SCO North Region League Premier Division View
SCO South of Scotland Football League View
SCO West of Scotland Football League Premier Division View
SCO East of Scotland Football League First Division View
SCO North Region League Championship View
SCO West of Scotland Football League First Division View
SER Mozzart Bet Super Liga 08.01.2023 View
SIN Premier League [2022] View
SVK Fortuna liga View
SVK 2. liga View
SVN Prva liga Telemach 22.11.2022 View
ESP La Liga 29.01.2023 View
ESP La Liga 2 View
ESP Primera RFEF View
SWE Allsvenskan [2022] 23.10.2022 View
SWE Superettan [2022] View
SWE Ettan, Division 1 [2022] View
SUI Super League 10.12.2022 View
SUI Challenge League View
TJK Ligai Olii View
TUR Süperlig 06.11.2022 View
TUR TFF 1.Lig 20.11.2022 View
TUR TFF 2.Lig View
URU Primera Division [2022] View
URU Segunda Division [2022] View
USA MLS [2022] 03.11.2022 View
USA USL Championship [2022] View
UZB Superligasi View
UZB Pro Ligasi View
VEN Liga FutVe [2022] View
VIE V-League 1 [2022] View
WAL Cymru Premier league 08.01.2023 View