By pre-ordering Football Manager 2020 from our store, you will have access to a fully playable beta version of the game at least 2 weeks before the official release and of course you will support FM Slovakia with your purchase.

Football Manager 2020’s first official announcement also meant the official launch of pre-orders. Although we don’t know any new features yet, of course, we have already acquired a digital key for Steam. If you are one of those skeptical individuals, wait a while for the gradual official introduction of news probably from the first half of September.

The traditional pre-order bonus continues this year too. As a loyal customer, Sports Interactive will engage you in the final beta phase of at least 2 weeks. So you can also contribute to the perfection of your favorite simulation. Beta is a full game, but it’s not the end product.

By pre-ordering Football Manager 2020 from our store, in addition to accessing the beta version of the game, you will also receive a free gift of a digital copy of FM Touch for PC / Mac.

What are you waiting for?

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What is the beta version actually?

  • The beta will be very close to the final game with its functionality.
  • All game modes will be available, including Network Games and Fantasy Draft. However, if the game turns out to be unstable, the online modes will be deactivated with a patch.
  • Saved games will be fully compatible with the full game.
  • The game will automatically update to the final version on the official release date.
  • One of the major limitations for the creators: No Pre-game editor along with the beta version.

And how much does it cost?

Our partner’s price is set at £ 32.99 for the United Kingdom and € 44.99 for the European Union. If you live outside of Europe, you will get $ 42.99. However, if you are from Europe, you can also get a more interesting price by buying a UK game directly in Pounds Sterling, which will cost you less.

And how to do it? We will show you now:

1) On our FM20 sales page, you can see the current offer and by clicking on the “Buy now” button you’ll be relinked to our partner.

2) Then click the “Buy now” button again on the right side of the screen.


3) By clicking on the “Buy now” button you’ll see in the top right corner the added game to the cart and now you can continue to the login and payment by clicking on the “Checkout” button.


4) As soon as you click “Checkout”, you’ll see a pop-up window where you can sign in. If you do not already have a 2game account, you can simply sign up by clicking on the text “Manually create a 2game account” or by clicking on one of the social network buttons above.


5) After signing up / logging in, you will see the contents of your shopping cart. Here you can also apply our unique 10% discount by entering FMSlovakia in the “Discout Codes” field and clicking on the “Apply” button. Your price will then be recalculated and you’ll see the new £ 29.69 on the right side.

Then, on the right side, select the payment method (PayPal or your credit/debit card) and make the payment itself.

When paying with PayPal, make sure you decide the right way how to pay. PayPal gives you the option to pay with its exchange rate or you can pay in GBP and your bank will exchange it according they daily exchange rate for GBP. Therefore choose wisely.

Our purchase of the FM20 in our bank was after conversion from £ to € only 33,98 €. which is significantly below the official price of 44,99 €.

Do you see a currency other than GBP (£)?


You can easily change it also as your preferred language at the bottom of the screen.


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