jakub_hromadaFM ID: 43123340
Position: midfielder (MC/DM/AM)
Birth town and date: Košice, 25th May 1996
Height/Weight: 180/75
Preferred feet: right
Club of initial registration: KAC Jednota Košice
Current club: FK Senica (loan from US Sampdoria Genoa until 30.06.2017)
Previous clubs: MFK Zemplín Michalovce, Juventus FC, US Sampdoria Genova
National teams: SVK 15, SVK 16, SVK 17, SVK 18, SVK 19
Agent: Stars and Friends

The early stages of the footballing career of Jakub Hromada are linked with the club KAC Jednota Košice, where he progressed through all young categories from his early ages. Comparing to his peers, Jakub was a step above at work rate, anticipation , technique, but also in the composure of finishing . In the season of 2008/09 he was promoted to the 1st. young Slovak league with the “U14” grade  of KAC Košice (birth year 1994) where he would become one of the best players in the league next season.

His next decision was where to continue his development, with other options available, he opted for his local side, Michalovce. He acceded to the squad in the summer of 2011 and as 15 years old started playing with the older youngsters  in the Michalovce’s U18 and U19. He had regular starts in the season, missed only mostly due to his national team duties. In the competition of others progressed very well, which gave him the possibility for a possible international transfer. His credit has even increased at the end of the season, where he firstly started at Michalovce’s A team in the Slovak 2nd leauge. Jakub’s debut in the national team jersey was in the age of 15 in a match against Hungary. Soon gained a stable position in the youth national teams and also took over the captain role in most of them.

Jakub_Hromada_ fm15_profile_engRoundabout the beginning of 2012, rumours started about interests from top international clubs, but his leave had gained real contours at the end of the season. This talented central midfielder, who also had a short spell playing central defence, became a target for one of the best European teams – Italian Juventus Turin. And he was only 16 years old.

Upon his arrival in the new location, he joined the U19 squad, although he should originally play with the U17. At the season 2012/13 beginning it looked like that everything is at the right way. Jakub quickly adapted to Italian conditions and played regularly in the Juventus U20. However, health problems, especially with his back, began to appear gradually. That meant that this season ended up in December for this young Slovak, as a surgery has been advised him from the doctors. It meant to miss more than a half season, but especially the U17 European Championship hosted in 2013 in his home Slovakia. But this surgery and a short delay didn’t mean the end of his promising career.

Jakub_Hromada_ fm16_profile_engAt the end of the 2013/14 winnter transfer window, FC Genoa contacted Juventus, with the desire to sign a player of the talent of Jakub. They agreed on a loan until the end of the season. He spent a half-year loan in Primavera (reserve team U20), where he started regularly and got more experience. In the season 14/15, namely 1st. February 2015, Jakub pack his bags again to move back to Genoa on a transfer agreement. But this time not to FC, but to the competitive Sampdoria, which send him on a loan to FC Pro Vercelli 1892, playing an Italian second highest competition Serie B. However even here he starts only for the youth U20.

And here we come to the crucial season 2015/16 for Jakub. He decided to go back to Slovakia, into a significantly rejuvenated squad of FK Senica, where he comes for a two-year loan. However Senica’s engagement is not a step back for him. It has to help him to cope with the particularly difficult jump from youth to the senior category. Jakub Hromada is typologically similar player as Juraj Kucka. Understands the game very well, with great passing, has a dangerous shot, precise long passes, is dynamic and never give up. He is a natural leader of the team. If you need to stiffen your central midfield, surly take a look at this young Slovak talent.

Photo: FK Senica, SFZ
Attributes: Football Manager 2015 & Football Manager 2016
Facepack style: Hexagon (in development)


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